Experts Agree & Experience Shows: Rent Control Doesn’t Work!

Rent Control:

We Need More Housing, Not More Failed Policies

Politicians are trying to bring Rent Control to Boston. Rent Stabilization is Rent Control

Academic research and experience show that rent control doesn’t work.

Rent control has reduced the quality and quantity of rental housing wherever it has been tried. An impact study based on extensive research on the effects of rent control across the country shows that rent control leads to a decrease in apartment supply and property tax revenue. Economists overwhelmingly agree that price controls on rent are inefficient and counterproductive, and lead to serious negative impacts for housing markets.

Leaving policy details to local government gives politicians too much power over housing costs.

We can’t trust local governments to implement a rent control ordinance efficiently and fairly. Property owners should be able to decide how much rent they need to maintain their property—not politicians.

We need policies to create more housing—not set us back.

Harmful housing policies like rent control will cause a decrease in available housing, which will lead to an increase in housing costs and a shortage of affordable housing.

On Wednesday, March 8th the Boston City Council has added rent control to the agenda for “possible action”, or vote by the Council.

Rent control results in less housing and ends up hurting the residents that need help. Builders are slow to invest in cites that employ rent control.
Rent control will further hurt our housing economy which is already burdened by heightened interest rates and high construction costs.

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